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FC_Porto_Journal.gif This great downloadable journal shows sessions were observed during ' visit to F.C. Porto in March, 2007. The main objective of his visit to F.C. Porto was to observe the way the club operates within the different age groups using. Dos Santos also studied their method of Tactical Periodization. That is the model of play characterizing the Club; model of practice and model of coach to operate this way of playing was written by Mr. Vito'r Frade.

"Mr. Vito'r Frade"については、この"F.C. Porto Journal"の最初のページで、

Mr. Vitór Frade is a teacher at the Sports University of Porto and called by many as the "father" of José Mourinho and the father of "Tactical Periodization"

と、また"Marc Dos Santos"については、

Marc Dos Santos has travelled extensively in Portugal observing many first division clubs including Boavista FC and SC Beira Mar. He is a UEFA B Licensed coach that is currently the Head Coach of Attak FC of the Canadian Professional Soccer League.


"method of Tactical Periodization"(戦術的ピリオダイゼーションの方法論)という言葉が使われているこの資料は、2007年の3月5日から9日までの五日間に行われた"U18 FC Porto"の練習内容で、

Responsible for the playing style and model of practice:
Prof. Vitor Frade and Prof. José Guilherme Oliveira

と書かれていますから、きっと戦術的ピリオダイゼーションの方法論("method of Tactical Periodization")をモデルにしているんでしょうが、なんだかはっきりしませんね。

From U13 to U18, all group ages follow the same principles in the 4 different moments of the game:

o Offensive Organization
o Defensive organization
o Transition from Defense to Offence
o Transition from Offence to Defense

These four moments are always present in every single exercise.

The physical, technical, tactical and psychological elements are never worked on a separate way. Everything is included while the main concern of every exercise is to organize the team for one of the four moments of the game. This way of working trains the team to react automatically to every moment of the game.

と書かれている部分は、モウリーニョ どうしてこんなに勝てるのか? - footbrainで紹介した本に書かれている内容と同じです。

The physical, technical, tactical and psychological elements are never worked on a separate way.



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